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Physician disruptive behavior allegations can have major impacts

On Behalf of | Aug 12, 2014 | Medical Licensing

Work can be a very stressful place, particularly within the medical profession. When bombarded with stress, a person may occasionally let emotions get the best of them at work and say or do something that they know they really shouldn’t. This isn’t too surprising; we are only human after all. However, if a person is accused of habitually acting in an inappropriate manner at work, they can find themselves facing real problems. Physicians are no exception to this.

It can be a particularly serious thing for a doctor if they are accused of having engaged in physician disruptive behavior. Patterns of ongoing physician conduct that are outside the norm and which interfere with healthcare staff function are generally found to fall under this class of behavior.

There are a vast number of different types of behavior which can be considered physician disruptive behavior when part of an ongoing pattern of conduct, so a comprehensive and all-inclusive list isn’t really feasible. Some examples are physician behavior that is anger-driven, intimidating, contentious, disrespectful, unprofessional, obnoxious, demeaning, threatening or abusive. It can include conduct directed towards patients, employees, technicians, nurses or authority figures.

Hospital physicians here in Pennsylvania can face disciplinary actions on multiple fronts in relation to allegations of physician disruptive behavior. First, they could have actions taken against them by the hospital they work at. When hospitals take such action, they will often report it to the National Practitioner Databank. If such a report is made, a physician will also find themselves facing an investigation by the state’s Bureau of Professional and Occupational Affairs. BPOA investigations of physician disruptive behavior allegations can lead to a physician facing many things, including mental and physical examinations, disciplinary proceedings and potential license actions.

Our firm can provide help to physicians at all stages of BPOA and Medical Board disciplinary cases involving physician disruptive behavior allegations. We can keep physicians advised of what their rights are, give them guidance as to how to proceed in such matters and fight to keep the allegations from derailing their careers.

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