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Doctor in another state is seeking medical license defense

On Behalf of | Jun 20, 2017 | Medical Licensing

There are many situations that can threaten a Pennsylvania doctor’s professional license. One of them is being arrested and charged with driving under the influence of alcohol. In fact, a doctor in another state is preparing a medical license defense due to a similar situation that occurred last year.

The doctor, who was convicted of DUI in criminal court, has worked under contracts for a pathology lab in several counties on the West Coast. The doctor is also one of seven others appointed to an executive advisory committee, in which the appointment process has been called into question. In 2016, the same doctor was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving.

He reportedly hit a parked car while driving to work, and was later found by police some two or so miles away from the crash scene, sitting in his car with the engine still running. The results of a chemical test to which he submitted after the incident showed his blood alcohol content was above the legal limit for operating a motor vehicle. The Medical Board of California has accused him of unprofessional conduct and an administrative hearing will be held regarding the charges.

Any doctor in Pennsylvania facing similar circumstances is able to navigate his or her medical license defense by acting alongside experienced representation during any hearing or proceedings related to the situation. A savvy attorney is often able to mitigate potential negative consequences, including those associated with DUI convictions, that are threatening the good standing and professional careers of doctors in this state. The type of defense presented before a medical board is often key to obtaining the most favorable results possible.

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