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Reasons a licensing board may stop a doctor from practicing

On Behalf of | Dec 12, 2017 | Medical Licensing

In most Pennsylvania industries, there is some type of governing body that oversees the conduct and actions of employed personnel. For instance, the state Department of Education makes decisions regarding the licensing of teachers, while the State Board of Medicine regulates licensing issues for doctors, physician assistants and a number of other health care professionals. In that regard, there are certain types of behavior that would definitely cause a doctor to be at risk for license removal.

At the top of the list of common reasons medical licenses are revoked or suspended is inappropriate sexual conduct. Alcohol or illegal drug abuse is also a main factor that would possibly cost a doctor to lose his or her medical license. Physical abuse of a patient, improper record keeping and fraud are other reasons that doctors’ licenses may be called into question.

Lives are often devastated and injuries suffered when licensed physicians fail to adhere to the strict protocol and accepted safety standards that govern their behaviors. Not every claim of wrongdoing results in the loss of a license, however. Once a doctor appears before the board to offer a defense, it may ultimately be decided that he or she may continue to practice. Sometimes that’s because the claims are not substantiated; other times, it’s because the board determines that a license revocation is not appropriate under the circumstances presented.

Because a licensing board has the power to end careers, many Pennsylvania doctors turn to experienced attorneys for help in responding to formal charges. An attorney can speak and act on one’s behalf in order to pursue the best possible outcome in a particular situation. Any licensed professional currently facing issues regarding possible license suspension may seek support by meeting with an experienced attorney.

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