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Plastic surgeon suspended by medical licensing board

On Behalf of | Jul 16, 2018 | Medical Licensing

A woman who has come to be known as the “dancing doctor” has apparently surrendered her license indefinitely. Pennsylvania plastic surgeons may want to follow the case involving several patients coming forward to say they suffered serious injuries under her care. The plastic surgeon gained the nickname “dancing doctor” after videos of her dancing during surgeries appeared on YouTube. Due to those films and allegations of malpractice from several people, a medical licensing board stripped her of her professional title.

The woman is no longer able to identify herself as a doctor. After two and a half years pass, she may file a petition to request that her suspension be lifted. In one of the dance videos, the doctor can reportedly be seen holding surgical instruments in her hands and dancing over a patient who is lying on an operating table.

The now-suspended surgeon says the videos were designed as learning tools, and she did not record anything without patients’ consent. In fact, she says in many of the videos, the patients themselves chose the songs. Dancing is one thing; however, allegations of malpractice are quite another.

Several patients say they suffered infections and disfigurement because of her substandard care. One patient said brain damage resulted after a surgical procedure the doctor performed. When interviewed, the former plastic surgeon said she agreed to surrender her license to the medical licensing board because she believes in the system and is willing to do what it takes to restore her medical license privileges after two and a half years. Anyone facing similar problems in Pennsylvania can reach out for legal support.