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Licensing board temporarily suspends Pennsylvania doctor

On Behalf of | Aug 30, 2018 | Medical Licensing

A man who has been a practicing doctor in Pennsylvania for nearly 30 years is facing serious legal and administrative problems at this time. Any other physician in this state who is worried about licensing board sanctions may want follow this case. For the time being, the doctor in question has been suspended and asked to surrender his medical credentials.

The physician is facing charges for writing illegal prescriptions. Officials say that for several years,  he would fly back from the West Coast where he normally resides and spend time in his Pennsylvania office, writing prescriptions for cash. He supposedly sold more than 82,000 pills in approximately three years’ time.

An officer manager at the doctor’s practice is also in trouble with the law. Authorities say the manager acted as an accomplice in the doctor’s alleged illegal deeds. Both professionals were arrested and are now in jail,  waiting for their cases to be fully adjudicated. While the two cases may be connected, it does not necessarily mean the outcomes will be the same.

The licensing board stated that the Pennsylvania doctor is a danger to the general population. While this type of statement can seriously damage a licensed professional’s reputation, it does not eliminate the possibility that the doctor in question could someday get his license back. Accusations and even criminal charges do not constitute guilt, and every person is guaranteed the right to present a defense. Those facing similar problems in this state will be glad to know they do not have to go it alone in court as there are experienced medical license attorneys who can provide strong support.