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Licensing board suspends doctor in another state

On Behalf of | Dec 18, 2018 | Medical Licensing

Hundreds of Pennsylvania doctors write prescriptions every day. Prescription medication is used to treat a wide variety of ailments, including chronic pain conditions, infections or acute symptoms resulting from injury or sudden illness. If a licensing board believes it has evidence to suggest that a doctor is misusing his or her prescription-writing privileges, it could lead to a medical license suspension.

That is what happened in one doctor’s case in another state. The state ordered an immediate suspension of his license regarding claims that he prescribed opioids to patients without following necessary consent protocol. Allegations against the physician say that he not only failed to obtain required signed consent for treatment forms from the patients in question but that he also failed to discuss the known risks or benefits of the drugs he prescribed.

Administrators also claim the doctor had received anonymous phone calls, informing him that his patients were selling prescription drugs on the streets. He is accused of not taking appropriate action regarding the alleged phone calls. As it stands, the doctor is prohibited from practicing or writing prescriptions for 60 days while his case is reviewed.

Any Pennsylvania physician facing similar administrative action may want to discuss his or her situation with an experienced attorney before attending licensing board proceedings. Knowing that one’s career and future is at stake typically causes high levels of stress that can impede one’s ability to build a strong defense. Having an experienced medical license attorney by one’s side is a great asset that often helps secure a more positive outcome.