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Can you protect yourself against malpractice claims?

Your job centers on helping people and providing compassionate medical care that will hopefully relieve their symptoms and allow them to live a more comfortable life. However, as with any career you could choose to pursue in Pennsylvania, being a medical professional has its own set of unique risks. One of the risks you may encounter is the fact that some patients may falsely believe that something you did or participated in resulted in more serious health issues than they had previously experienced. This could lead to bogus malpractice claims.

While you can do everything in your power to practice medicine professionally and responsibly, there may still be occasions where you end up treating someone who is seeking to find fault or who's misinformation has caused them to make false accusations against you. If you become involved in a situation such as this, it is imperative that you remain professional and discuss questions and concerns with integrity and respect.

According to Scrubs Mag, some of the things that you can do to better ensure your compliance as a medical professional and avoid the chance that you are hit with a malpractice lawsuit include the following:

  • Be forthright in sharing pertinent information with your patients. Provide education and be patient about answering questions.
  • Even in situations where you are doubting the instructions you have been given, follow the chain of command.
  • Accurately and promptly record all medical data and history for each patient you participate in treating.

If you come across something you foresee being an issue or causing harm to your patients, report it immediately and participate in efforts to find a solution and correct the problem.

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