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What happens if your nursing license is suspended?

On Behalf of | Jun 5, 2020 | Firm News

Pennsylvania nurses work hard to get their licenses. Because of that, having your license suspended is a heavy blow. It is important to discuss the possibility of a license suspension. If you end up facing this, it has very real affects.

Today we will take a look at what may happen if the board suspends your nursing license. We will examine the things you should expect. This includes common questions like when you can get your license reinstated.

A written order of suspension

Nurse.com discusses what nurses should expect if your license is suspended. First, they state that the board’s written order of suspension holds importance. In this order, they will include what you need to do to get your license reinstated. The board makes these decisions based on the severity of the crime. A more severe crime often means it is harder to get your license reinstated.

During the reinstatement process, the board evaluates your character. They look at your fitness for licensing. They also look at the successful completion of other requirements. For example, they may ask you to complete a course on patient care.

How long before your license is reinstated?

The time before reinstatement differs from case to case. In your order, the board will include specifics on your case. Orders range from one to several months. For more severe crimes, they can range from one year or more. If enough time elapses, you may need to complete a clinical update course. This ensures your skills are up to date with what you may have missed out on in the interim.

As you can see, a license suspension may interrupt your career in a serious way. In knowing this, you also understand the importance of defending yourself.