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What is drug diversion?

On Behalf of | Apr 14, 2021 | Medical Licensing

In the healthcare industry, many acts or allegations may cost you your medical license. While allegations may be untrue, it is crucial to understand why certain practices have high penalties. Additionally, if someone accuses you or your practice, you should have an idea of what type of offense they accused you of.

When it comes to drug diversion, this involves prescription medicines that wind up obtained or used illegally. The CDC describes what drug diversion is.

How can healthcare providers commit drug diversion?

One of the most common drugs apart of drug diversion is opioids. Opioids are highly addictive painkillers. A patient may allege that you stole his or her prescription for your use. One of the major contributing factors to drug diversion happens to be opioid addiction.

What are the risks of drug diversion?

Drug diversion can cause a lot of harm. The person most likely to suffer an effect of drug diversion is the patient. For example, if a healthcare provider uses drugs for something other than prescribed usage, then he or she may be impaired. He or she cannot deliver a high standard of care.

No one, whether they are a patient or a doctor should use a prescription for anything other than what the bottle instructs them to use it for. Doctors who steal prescription medication may deny the patient essential therapy or medication. Additionally, if he or she tampers with injectables, it can lead to infections such as bacterial infections or hepatitis C.

When infections occur due to drug diversion, the CDC generally investigates it. This can lead to disastrous personal and professional consequences. If you think you may be investigated due to suspected drug diversion, consult with an attorney experienced in professional licensure defense.