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How can I spot a licensing board scam?

On Behalf of | Jun 16, 2021 | Medical Licensing

Sometimes, when you receive a notice from the licensing board, it is not valid. There are scammers who do a very good job of duplicating communications to make them look real. It can be quite difficult to tell if what you receive is legitimate.

The Pennsylvania Department of State warns you to be aware of these scams and people pretending to be the State Board of Medicine trying to get personal information from you. They will pull these scams through mail or on the phone.

The communications

It is so tough to spot a scam right away because the scammers have advanced tactics they use. If you receive a call, the caller ID will show up as the State Board of Medicine and look completely valid. By mail, they duplicate professional letterhead that looks legitimate.

You cannot rely on such things alone to determine the validity of any communication. However, you should pay attention to the content. A scammer will often make threats against your license and may mention the involvement of federal agencies to increase the urgency of the message.

The other signs

You should be aware that you will never have to give your personal information to the Board through mail or phone communications. The Board also will never ask for any type of payment over the phone nor will it collect your payment information that way.

The Board also behaves professionally and will never threaten you or state it will immediately take your license. There is an administrative process you must go through and an investigation that must take place to remove a license.

You can always contact the Board directly to inquire about any potentially fake communications.