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Staying in compliance with licensing regulations

On Behalf of | Jun 29, 2021 | Medical Licensing

Getting your medical license in Pennsylvania is an accomplishment to be proud of. Maintaining your license throughout the years will require you to periodically renew your credentials.  

In conjunction with meeting the legal requirements for retaining your license, you must observe the rules and regulations of practicing medicine. Non-compliant and unprofessional behavior may impact your license eligibility and compromise your career.  

Ethical conduct and representation

Even if you treat your patients with the highest level of respect, if you act unethically when no one is around, you may put your license in jeopardy. This includes behaviors like substance abuse and prescription fraud. Insurance fraud is another form of misconduct that may not immediately affect your patients but can have detrimental consequences to your career. 

According to the Pennsylvania Department of State, licensing boards uphold the responsibility to protect patients from dangerous practitioners. If you face charges of fraud or unethical behavior, the licensing board will issue an investigation into your actions and determine an outcome.  

Professional treatment of others

Outside of your personal conduct, you have an obligation to treat your patients with respect. Physical, sexual and even emotional abuse will tarnish your reputation and result in legal consequences. Biased remarks, discrimination or unfair practices based on a patient’s race, religious beliefs or sexual orientation can also damage your career indefinitely. 

Showing consistent professionalism and ethical observance can help you represent yourself and your practice with confidence. If you face unfounded charges of unethical behavior, you have the right to dispute the claims against you. Maintaining professionalism even during an investigation can support your case and prevent further damage to your reputation.