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Is it possible to expunge your disciplinary records?

On Behalf of | Jul 23, 2021 | Medical Licensing

As a medical practitioner, it is crucial to understand just what an impact a disciplinary record can have on your ability to work. Patients have the ability to research and look up this information, and it could potentially impact your practice and reputation.

However, a new law enacted in 2018 allows for the possibility of expungement. You may do so through an application to the Bureau of Professional and Occupational Affairs.

Requirements for expungement

The Pennsylvania Medical Society discusses the process of submitting your expungement application. First, be aware of the fact that you must pay the application fee of $155 to even submit. If your disciplinary proceedings involved any sort of fine or fee, you also need to pay these off before submitting.

In addition, the possibility of expungement only exists for disciplinary actions that have already passed. In other words, if you are currently in the process of serving a period of probation or suspension, you cannot expunge this from your record yet. This also applies if you serve as the subject of any ongoing investigations.

Note that you may also only expunge disciplinary records against your medical license once. You also need to wait a minimum of 4 years after your disciplinary record’s final disposition before you apply.

Potential exemptions

After meeting the requirements, you must also understand that not every record is eligible for this process. Under Act 6, you can apply for expungement if it relates to a failure to complete education requirements. If the charge relates to practicing on an expired or lapsed license, you may also apply if it was under a period of 6 months. Other charges are not eligible under this act.