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What do you know about ALJ hearing outcomes?

On Behalf of | Oct 5, 2021 | Medical Licensing

As a medical professional, facing possible license revocation due to a criminal charge or personal matter can be an emotional process. In Pennsylvania, it is possible for licensed professionals like yourself to end up at an administrative law judge hearing.

The National Law Review explores common ALJ hearing questions and answers. Although it may seem like the result of your hearing is the end-all-be-all, there are a few legal options open to you for some hearing outcomes.

License revocation

Doctors accused of severe mistakes that fall below the standard of care may face license suspension. However, they may be able to practice medicine again after petitioning for reinstatement or filing an appeal.

Reprimand or warning

Hearings for less severe misbehavior could end in a formal reprimand or warning. The action could take effect immediately. If the same medical professional faces another disciplinary hearing, the person could experience more severe punishment.

License suspension

A hearing could end in license suspension, and suspension durations vary. Malpractice and other unethical behaviors that do not meet the license renovation threshold could satisfy the license suspension threshold.


Depending on the geographic location, physicians could settle matters in medical licensing board proceedings. That way, they avoid an ALJ hearing, but some situations demand professional discipline. To protect the ability to practice, a physician may be able to arrange a settlement.


A judge could impose fines against a medical professional at a hearing. Fine amounts depend on the laws related to the administrative proceeding.

No action

A person may not face disciplinary action after an ALJ hearing. The judge could determine the doctor did not commit an ethical or a legal violation. Evidence could support the need for disciplinary action.

Knowing the many ways your hearing may end could ease your anxiety about the matter. Although the thought of losing your license may be daunting, there are actions you can still take to appeal a decision once the hearing is over.