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What is the governing process for professional licensing in Pennsylvania?

On Behalf of | Apr 8, 2022 | Medical Licensing

A medical license comes from the state. It is mandated by law and helps to protect professionals and the people they work with. Medical licenses, in particular, help ensure that only those with the proper training provide medical care.

The City of Philadelphia Business Services explains that the state requires certain professions to have a license.

Different agencies

Each profession has a different licensing agency that handles the process. You are responsible for knowing which agency your licensing falls under and completing the process to secure your license through that agency.


The reason for the different agencies handling licensing for each specific profession is because of the duties they have. A licensing agency or board will set the standards for the licensing. This includes creating the requirements you must meet to secure your license and setting the standards you must abide by to keep it. The boards also will be responsible for handling complaints that come in about licensed individuals and then taking any disciplinary action necessary. The board will determine what happens if you have a complaint against you, which could include taking your license away.


The reason for having licensing is to protect the public. By breaking up the responsibilities among different boards, the process is more specific. Each type of profession is unique and requirements vary, so giving one agency to handle those professions help ensure everything stays on track. It reduces confusion and gives you a specific set of rules and regulations to follow that apply directly to your profession. It also provides the best possible protection for customers, patients and clients of licensed individuals.