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3 ways substance abuse can affect medical licenses

On Behalf of | Aug 21, 2023 | Medical Licensing

Doctors and nurses have sacrificed years of their lives to obtain the medical licenses necessary to help people. Unfortunately, those roles often come with many stressors that can lead to addiction.

The additional pressure of working through a global pandemic only increased the chances of coping through the use of drugs and alcohol. For people struggling with this issue, they also need to consider how substance abuse may affect a medical license.

1. Having a criminal conviction

Whether arrested for a DUI or illegal drug possession, the medical board will eventually find out about those charges. If convicted, it will likely result in a disciplinary hearing to review whether or not the medical professional should lose their medical license.

2. Using role to obtain medication

Many healthcare roles mean having access to prescription drugs. Although newer systems make it harder to take, that easy access can easily lead to pocketing some pills now and again. Asking a co-worker to write a prescription also endangers a license as well as that of the person who wrote the prescription.

3. Abusing drugs or alcohol on the job

Substance abuse leads to people making bad decisions. In some cases, that means drinking or doing drugs while at work. In some cases, a professional might agree to come to work even though they know they likely do not have the mental or physical capacity to work. If an instant happens or someone files a complaint, it means facing potential legal and work troubles.

Substance abuse does not always have to mean losing a medical license. Contact the Law Offices of Brian E. Quinn today to learn more about your legal options.