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Options when facing drug diversion charges

On Behalf of | Oct 12, 2023 | blog, Medical Licensing

Drug diversion is a serious accusation that can severely affect your career and reputation. Even minor violations can lead to harsh outcomes, such as job loss, suspension or revocation of your medical license and jail time.

If you face pharmaceutical diversion charges in Philadelphia, proving your innocence is critical to preserving your career and freedom.

Steps to take

Drug diversion is a criminal offense in Pennsylvania. However, the state has several programs to help first-time offenders get their life back on track. You can help protect your future by knowing your next steps.

  • Understand your charges: Drug diversion occurs when someone redirects medication from its intended destination for personal use, sale or distribution. These charges can include drug use, theft or tampering.
  • Cooperate with investigations: Provide the requested information if you are the subject of an inquiry. Your willingness to address the situation responsibly establishes credibility.
  • Have character references: Maintain positive relationships with colleagues, supervisors and patients who can vouch for your professionalism and dedication to patient care. These character references can be invaluable in defending your reputation.
  • Take remedial actions: If you have made errors or lapses in judgment, take corrective measures immediately. Report discrepancies, participate in additional training and follow your facility’s protocol for addressing mistakes.
  • Stay informed on legal updates: Stay abreast of changes in Pennsylvania’s health care laws and regulations. This knowledge helps you remain compliant and avoid future issues.

Understanding how to navigate a drug charge can help secure a positive outcome.

Proactive practices

Incorporating proactive measures in your daily practice can help you defend allegations if they arise. Know your company’s policies and procedures for drug handling and diversion prevention. Stay informed to avoid pitfalls and demonstrate your commitment to compliance. Invest in professional development by attending relevant workshops, seminars and training programs.

Keep precise and up-to-date documentation. Thorough medication-dispensing and administration records help demonstrate your commitment to patient safety and accountability. If you suspect pharmaceutical diversion within your workplace, report it to the appropriate authorities or superiors. Addressing the issue shows you maintain a safe and ethical practice.

Facing drug diversion allegations can be challenging, but taking proactive steps can build a strong defense and protect your career as a medical professional in Philadelphia.