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4 criminal charges that could lead to a license loss

On Behalf of | Jan 8, 2024 | Medical Licensing

Being a medical professional comes with a great deal of responsibility.

Beyond the commitment to patient care, these individuals must also adhere to strict ethical and legal standards. Criminal charges can pose a significant threat to a medical professional’s license.

1. Drug-related offenses

Medical professionals often have access to controlled substances for patient care. However, if they misuse or divert these medications for personal use or distribution, they can face serious consequences. Drug-related offenses, such as illegal possession or prescription fraud, can lead to the loss of a medical license.

2. Fraud and billing irregularities

Integrity is a necessity in the medical field. Any form of fraud can jeopardize a professional’s standing. Fraudulent billing practices, such as upcoding or submitting false claims to insurance companies, can result in criminal charges. Convictions related to financial misconduct may lead to the suspension or revocation of a medical license.

3. Assault or battery charges

People expect medical professionals to provide care in a compassionate and non-harmful manner. Any criminal charges related to assault or battery, whether inside or outside the workplace, can have severe consequences. Such actions go against the ethical principles of the medical profession and may result in the loss of licensure.

4. DUI and reckless driving

Driving under the influence or engaging in reckless driving not only endangers lives but also raises questions about a medical professional’s judgment and responsibility. Criminal charges related to impaired driving can trigger investigations into professional conduct, potentially leading to license suspension.

In 2020, the Pennsylvania Professional Compliance Office took 1,505 disciplinary actions in 2020. Every situation is different. A strategic legal response can be instrumental in navigating the complexities of the legal system and safeguarding a medical professional’s career.