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Pennsylvania doctor facing temporary license suspension

On Behalf of | Feb 25, 2014 | Medical Licensing

Sometimes, the State Board of Medicine will pursue actions in relation to criminal allegations leveled against a doctor. One such action is to seek a temporary suspension of the accused doctor’s license. Currently, the board is pursuing this action in relation to a pair of criminal cases that have arisen regarding an obstetrician/gynecologist.

The doctor, who is from Bradford, has been accused of having inappropriately touched a patient and having inappropriately touched a worker at his office. In connection to this pair of allegations, charges of indecent assault and harassment have been brought against the doctor.

After the doctor was charged, the State Board of Medicine issued a temporary suspension of the doctor’s medical license. In relation to the taking of this action, the medical board stated that the doctor could pose a risk to public health and safety if the accusations leveled against him should turn out to be true.

This temporary suspension is pending a hearing. The hearing will be focused on whether a temporary suspension against the doctor is justified given the evidence presented against him. Depending on the results of the hearing, the temporary suspension will either be lifted or kept in force.

As this case illustrates, hearings often play a major role in the disciplinary processes of the State Board of Medicine. When a doctor is facing a hearing aimed at determining whether they will suffer a loss (either temporary or permanent) of their physician license in connection to alleged wrongdoing, being represented by an experienced license defense attorney can be vital. Such attorneys can give doctors guidance when it comes to hearings and can fight to ensure that a doctor’s rights are properly respected in such hearings.

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