Spousal Support And Child Support Can Be Complex

We Make Sure You Get Treated Fairly

Many people believe that child support and spousal support are only calculated according to the income being earned by each party. While income is the starting point, under the current legislation, a skilled attorney can find creative alternatives or arguments can be considered by the court when being determined by the court.

At The Law Offices of Brian E. Quinn, we pride ourselves on thinking outside of the box and charts when it comes to calculating child support and spousal support amounts that meet the needs of your family. We look at every factor and expense when arriving at these amounts. To explore your options, please do not hesitate to contact us today to discuss your situation with our skilled divorce attorneys at our Philadelphia office.

We can help you establish support obligations by compiling information when it is hard to track down a spouse's income, especially if he or she is self-employed. Support is not mandatory by law and sometimes it can be advantageous to negotiate for other assets as a way to compromise. The court can also adjust alimony based on a spouse's conduct in an at-fault divorce action.

Creative Strategy Centered Around Your Situation

We also know how to construct an effectively strategy when applying for alimony or child support based on when you file for divorce. This may include determining when seeking various forms of support for our clients and defending such claims. This may include deciding whether to file for spousal support or temporary alimony (also known as alimony pendente lite), which have different purposes under current law.

Our lawyers can also help you apply for a mortgage deviation. This would allow you to receive spousal support, as well as additional money over and above the guidelines to pay the mortgage if you continue to reside in the marital residence once separation has taken place.

For all support matters, each county in Pennsylvania has a different multiple level system for handling support cases, which can involve conference officers, masters, and or judges. We are experienced at handling non-record conferences, recorded hearings before a master or judge and various forms of appeals. We know the purpose of each step and how to prepare strategically, including preparing you to testify and how to handle cross-examinations.

We Can Guide You Through The Support Process

Our trial experience also includes appeals, presenting exceptions to the judge, record hearings, de novo applications and asking the court for help with child support enforcement. We are here to use our experience with the law and the legal system to help you get the support you need to help your family thrive and move forward. Contact The Law Offices of Brian E. Quinn today to discuss your needs.