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Managing Child Custody Matters

Keeping what is in the best interest of a child in mind is crucial when parents are embroiled in a divorce action. Not only will this help preserve your relationships with your children, it can also be the place to find common ground between you and the other parent.

More importantly, this is the standard that the courts use when deciding child custody issues. That is why at The Law Offices of Brian E. Quinn​, we believe this should be the starting point when looking at every issue related to the children. We can help draft and negotiate child custody agreements using this standard effectively. If the parties cannot enter into a satisfactory agreement, we have the experience to litigate your custody dispute.

If you have a question about child custody, we encourage you to contact us today. Our offices are conveniently located in Philadelphia and you can reach us toll-free at 866-657-7318.

Preserving Your Relationships With Your Children

We understand what is at stake and that you may need a lot of help understanding all the elements involved in drafting a comprehensive child custody agreement. We will help you negotiate how physical custody will be allocated, including whether primary, shared or joint custody or supervised visitation is the best option. Not only will our family law attorneys explain each of these types of parenting plan arrangements, but they will also help you gather supporting evidence to present to the judge to explain why you believe this selection should be approved by the court.

In addition, we will help you determine whether legal custody will be shared or granted to just one parent. Legal custody is the right to make major decisions affecting the children, regarding:

  • Education
  • Health care
  • Religious upbringing

Experienced Attorneys Working For You And Your Child

Our goal is to work hard to negotiate a child custody agreement with the opposing party to submit to the court without litigating because this often saves clients and their children the grief involved with a full trial. However, we will litigate when necessary to achieve your desired outcome, which may require home investigations, drug testing, psychological evaluations and contacting witnesses such as teachers, clergy, mental health professionals and others who can refute or confirm any allegations or arguments made to support or deny child custody.

Our attorneys are not only familiar with the law but also know their audience. We are familiar with all the family court judges in the area and their predilections. We can prepare for hearings and trials in anticipation of the evidence and arguments that a particular judge may find persuasive. We believe this thoroughness can greatly enhance your child custody case.

Questions About Parenting Plans In Pennsylvania? Our Lawyers Can Help.

Since child custody is an ongoing matter and we understand circumstances may change over time, we are also available to help you if you need a petition to modify an agreement, including relocation requests. No matter what question you may have concerning child custody, contact us today to learn how we can provide you with peace of mind and comprehensive answers.

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