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Protect Your Psychologist And Psychiatrist Practice With An Experienced License Defense

When your psychology/psychiatry license is on the line, you need to be ready to give everything you must to protect your livelihood. If someone has accused you of malpractice, you need an attorney who will listen to your side and work with you from beginning to end in your case. You need The Law Offices of Brian E. Quinn at your side.

Our Pennsylvania attorneys have years of experience in protecting our clients in all areas of legal needs like family law, personal injury, criminal defense, as well as license defense. Our years of practice have culminated into devotion to our clients that drives us to put your best interest first before anything else.

We Can Prepare Your Defense For Anything

Whether a complaint comes from a client or a colleague, the nature of the claim tends to fit into one of several categories. Our experience has prepared us for anything you might be accused of, such as:

  • Negligence
  • Failing to meet ethical standards
  • Receiving crime charges
  • Drug abuse
  • Fraud
  • Irresponsible relationships with clients

No matter your situation, we will be at your side from your first conference to your final hearing. We know how much is at stake for you, and we stop at nothing to protect your future.

A Medical License Defense Attorney Can Help You Fight Back

You worked for years to earn your license to practice, you do not have to let it disappear in a matter of time. It is never too early to get an attorney for a case like this. You can contact our Philadelphia office by calling 866-657-7318 to set up your initial consultation. Act today to protect your tomorrow.

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