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Pharmacist License Defense

As a pharmacist, you face considerable stress trying to handle your extensive responsibilities in a careful, thorough manner. You know that any allegation of unethical or unlawful behavior – or any possible addiction you may have to an illegal substance – will more than likely result in you meeting with an administrative board. If you face this unwanted confrontation, you will need an experienced pharmacist license defense attorney.

Contact The Law Offices of Brian E. Quinn in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, so we can help you work to resolve your pending pharmacist licensure matter, as well as any related issues. Reach out to us today.

Calling A Professional License Defense Attorney

Is your good standing as a pharmacist endangered by the threat of alcohol abuse or drug use? If so, then you need legal assistance. The Law Offices of Brian E. Quinn is committed to defending your rights, whether in administrative hearings or other challenges to your professional licensure.

The Professional Health Monitoring Program (PHMP) is available to you as a licensed professional. SARPH – Secundum Artem Reaching Pharmacists with Help – is a peer-assistance program specifically intended for pharmacists and pharmacy students.

It is important to contact an attorney specializing in pharmacist license defense as soon as you are informed that an administrative investigation is underway or even if you suspect that an investigation is pending.

Pennsylvania Pharmacist Peer-Assistance Program

SARPH is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping pharmacists and pharmacy students in Pennsylvania who may be suffering from substance abuse and/or mental illness to recover and be gainfully employed in their profession thorough identification, treatment and monitoring.

SARPH works with the Pharmacy Board in the treatment and monitoring of pharmacists who may suffer from substance abuse or alcohol abuse.

We work closely with SARPH to assist pharmacists in all matters involving pharmacy licenses as well as criminal matters that may arise from the misuse of controlled substances.

If there is a hearing in front of the Pharmacy Board, we will work with SARPH and, when appropriate, request that a member of SARPH appear before the Pharmacy Board to testify on your behalf.

Put Our Knowledge And Experience As Medical License Defense Attorneys To Work For You

At The Law Offices of Brian E. Quinn, we want to protect your reputation within the communities in which you serve. Contact us today to speak with an attorney about what you are facing in any impending administrative hearing or any other aspect of your pharmacist license defense or call us at 866-657-7318.

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