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Why Hire An Attorney For Licensing Issues?

Professionals who come into conflict with a licensing board sometimes feel as though they can deal with the issue on their own. After all, professionals are highly educated almost by definition and are used to solving problems for themselves and for others every day. However, defending oneself against false accusations of misconduct or getting help resolving genuine substance abuse problems, for example, is not a task that should be undertaken alone.

If you are a licensed nurse, doctor, pharmacist, accountant, architect, dentist or any other professional in Pennsylvania, reach out to The Law Offices of Brian E. Quinn for help. Our firm, based in Philadelphia, has decades of experience in the fields of professional license defense, criminal matters and family law issues – areas that often overlap and affect the lives of our clients profoundly. We represent health care professionals throughout Pennsylvania.

Every Detail Matters

When dealing with a disciplinary action or a criminal charge, a professional becomes immersed in a sea of legal and administrative rules and procedures that, if not followed correctly, can lead to the end of one’s career. Only an experienced license defense attorney is equipped to investigate the situation, gather the facts and present the case in the light most favorable to the professional.

Our lawyers have extensive experience handling matters involving nearly every entity that deals with licensing issues, including the:

  • Pennsylvania Department of State
  • Bureau of Professional and Occupational Affairs (BPOA)
  • Bureau of Enforcement and Investigation (BEI)
  • State Board of Medicine
  • State Board of Nursing
  • State Board of Osteopathic Medicine
  • State Board of Dentistry
  • Pharmacy Board
  • State Board of Accountancy
  • State Architects Licensure Board
  • State Registration Board for Professional Engineers

We invite you to read about some of the successes we have achieved on behalf of our clients. Our results say more than anything we can say about ourselves. While we cannot promise a positive outcome in your case, we can promise that we will work tirelessly on your behalf and commit all the necessary resources to vindicate you, protect your career and your freedom, and get you any other counseling or assistance you may need.

Put Our Knowledge And Experience To Work For You

Preserving your professional standing in the communities in which you serve is our priority at The Law Offices of Brian E. Quinn. If you would like to speak with an attorney about your legal issue, contact us today online or call our Philadelphia office toll-free at 866-657-7318.

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