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Unpaid Child Support Affects Your Family

Many divorce actions have lingering effects on the family and the legal obligations extend far beyond the day the divorce decree is issued by the court. This especially comes into play when child support enforcement is needed. When a party falls short on payment or circumstances change that demand a previous child support agreement to be modified, it is crucial to act quickly.

If you have a child support enforcement issue, please contact The Law Offices of Brian E. Quinn to learn more about your rights and how we can help you enforce them. We help our divorce clients with any post-judgment needs they may have, and we also welcome others who have child support enforcement matters located in Philadelphia and the surrounding areas.

Pursuing Child Support Enforcement

If you are trying to enforce a court order pertaining to child support or spousal support where the defendant has the ability to pay and chooses not to, we can file a petition seeking to have the defendant found in civil contempt. We will represent you before an enforcement officer and/or a judge. We can request that the defendant be jailed if he or she fails to comply with the order of support.

If a defendant is self-employed, works for a family business or accepts payment under the table, our lawyers will conduct independent investigations to help provide the court with evidence that child support arrears can be paid or that there are other assets available that can be garnished. This may also include subpoenaing state tax returns to prove income that can be used to calculate support obligations under the child support guidelines.

If we are successful in pursuing child support enforcement in the court, we have been able to obtain counsel fees for our client as part of the remedy awarded.

Defendants In Child Support Enforcement Actions

If you are facing a contempt charge for failing to fulfill your support payment schedule, we can help you defend yourself against the charges. The court has enforcement powers that include civil contempt, jail time, suspending your driver’s license or freezing your bank accounts or your passport, so it is important to explain why you have a legitimate reason for being delinquent. We can help offer advice about how best to meet your support obligations or help you file a petition to modify your child support agreement if your circumstances have substantially changed, such as losing your job.

Ready To Assist You With Enforcement Guidance

Child support enforcement is a serious issue that demands an experienced counsel who can pursue all options related to collecting support or defending people accused of being delinquent. No matter which position you are in, we can help. Contact us today to learn more about our services and skills.

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