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Theft Diversion Fraud

If you work in a hospital and hold a professional or occupational license, an action such as diverting drugs or writing your own prescriptions can not only damage you personally but can also lead to the loss of your license.

Get the help you need to preserve what you have worked for and re-establish your good standing by contacting The Law Offices of Brian E. Quinn in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. We are a professional legal defense firm committed to helping clients throughout the state. Contact us today.

Theft/Diversion Charges

Our theft or diversion charges practice is primarily focused on people who have allegedly diverted prescription drugs from a hospital or pharmacy. These types of cases can result in very serious sanctions by the licensing board. If you have been charged with diverting drugs at the hospital or pharmacy in which you work, contact our firm. We defend physicians, nurses and other professional health care workers against these charges.

Fraud Charges

Medical-related fraud charges generally have to do with actions such as fabricating records or stealing a doctor’s prescription pad to write out one’s own prescriptions. While some may engage in this behavior in connection with a distribution operation, more often it is for personal use.

Keeping Professional Licenses In Good Standing

Our professional license defense is focused on explaining the process to our clients, helping them know how to respond if confronted by an investigator and providing experienced and effective legal support throughout the case. When drugs or alcohol are at the root of the problem, we work to help clients address their own dependency issues and re-establish their professional standing in their chosen fields.

If you have been charged with theft or fraud in Pennsylvania – whether it threatens your professional standing or not – make sure you have lawyers on your side ready to defend you and preserve your rights. Contact us online today to schedule a consultation or call 866-657-7318.

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