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Medical License Suspended For Doctor Convicted Of Crime

Doctors are some of the most respected members of their local communities. Members of the public place their trust in these professionals to help them receive the treatment they need to overcome their current health concerns. Because of the enhanced standing that is placed on health care workers, they face significant consequences when they do something that violates this trust.

Recently, a Pennsylvania doctor was arrested after an investigation turned up evidence that he had downloaded child pornography on his home computer. Officials with a special task force had determined that the doctor had images and movies that had been obtained from file-sharing websites. It is believed that the doctor did not engage in any inappropriate behavior with any of his patients, some of which included children.

After the doctor was arrested and accused of the offense, the state’s Board of Medicine suspended his medical license. The doctor had the ability to request a hearing to contest this suspension, but he had asked that it be delayed pending the outcome of the criminal case. The man was convicted of the offenses and now faces 5 to 20 years in prison, as well as the potential for a fine of up to $250,000.

This case demonstrates the challenges facing medical professionals charged with crimes. Not only do they have to deal with the criminal case, which carries serious penalties, but they also need to be concerned about the impact the case will have on their ability to earn a living. In this case, the board can consider the criminal conviction when deciding on the punishment that will be handed down at a later point in time.

Additionally, when a doctor or physician is charged with a serious criminal offense, there will often be extensive media attention focused on the case. Reporters may try to contact the individual in an effort to learn more about the allegations. This often puts professionals in a very difficult situation. They want to try to clear their names, but know that if they say anything about the matter, they are only increasing the evidence that may be used against them.

If you are a medical professional charged with a crime, you need to contact an attorney familiar with the issues related to protecting your license. Your attorney can analyze the evidence that the prosecution may have, and offer you advice on how best to proceed. This will allow you to analyze the consequences that may result in the event of a conviction, and help you understand what might be best for you. Do not try to contest these allegations without knowing all of the options that are available.

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