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Experienced Representation In Paternity Issues

Being the father of a child carries significant financial implications, but also the potential for a meaningful relationship with the child. However, this relationship is not guaranteed − a man who is proved to be the biological father can sometimes be denied custody or visitation.

At The Law Offices of Brian E. Quinn, we represent both fathers and mothers in paternity disputes. Each of our attorneys has more than 20 years of legal experience and is deeply familiar with Pennsylvania family courts and the ever-evolving state paternity laws. You can rely on us for the skilled representation you need on this important issue.

For a free telephone consultation with an experienced Philadelphia paternity law attorney, call 215-545-3338. You can also contact our law firm online.

Strong Representation On Paternity Issues

No matter what type of paternity test issue you may have, The Law Offices of Brian E. Quinn can help you find the legal answer. Our clients in paternity cases have included:

  • Unmarried men who are seeking visitation with their children
  • Mothers who wish to establish paternity to secure child support
  • Men who are alleged to be fathers, but who deny paternity

Determining paternity is critical because it will affect the lives of the children and both parents for years to come. Our legal team works hard to ensure than an accurate determination is made and that our clients’ rights are protected.

Understanding Pennsylvania Paternity Law

When a married woman gives birth to a child in Pennsylvania, the law assumes that the woman’s husband is also the father of the child. In some circumstances, however, a spouse may raise objections or ask for DNA testing. When a child is born out of wedlock, paternity must be established either through DNA testing or by having the father sign a voluntary paternity acknowledgement form.

DNA Testing In Paternity Cases

DNA testing is now the most common type of paternity test. In most situations, once a DNA test establishes paternity, the court will order the father to begin paying child support. However, a DNA test showing a man to be the father does not automatically give the man visitation or custodial rights. Custody issues quickly become complex, so the advice of our skilled attorneys is invaluable for both men and women who are involved in these disputes.

Contact A Philadelphia Paternity Dispute Attorney

To discuss your specific paternity questions and concerns with one of our skilled, experienced family law lawyers, call 215-545-3338 or toll free 866-657-7318. You can also contact our law firm online.

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