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License Renewal Applications

If you hold a license in one of the health care professions, you are typically required to renew that license every two years. For instance, nurses are required to renew their licenses on Oct. 31 of even-numbered years.

If you have been arrested or convicted of a crime, you may need to disclose the information on your renewal application. This can lead to difficult situations, as the answers you give could have a permanent effect on your eligibility for renewal.

If you need to disclose an arrest or conviction on your renewal form, contact our law firm first. Our attorneys will guide you through the renewal process, keeping you informed of your rights and obligations every step of the way.

What Happens If I Disclose An Arrest Or Conviction On My Application?

The renewal application will typically ask the following question:

“Since your initial application or last renewal, whichever is later, have you been convicted, found guilty or pleaded nolo contendere, or received probation without verdict or accelerated rehabilitation disposition (ARD) as to any felony or misdemeanor, including any drug law violations, or do you have any criminal charges pending and unresolved in any state or jurisdiction? You are not required to disclose any ARD or other criminal matter that has been expunged by order of court.

If you answer yes to this question, you will be required to provide details of the arrest and attach copies of legal documents.

Arrests Involving Drugs Or Alcohol

If you answer yes to this question and the underlying arrest is related to drugs or alcohol, shortly after your renewal, you will receive a letter from the Professional Health Monitoring Program’s (PHMP) Voluntary Recovery Program advising you of the opportunity to receive an assessment and treatment without public action by the respective licensing board. A letter will typically come with a participation cooperation form and personal data sheet that you will be required to fill out and return to the PHMP within a short time, typically two weeks.

A letter will also require you to contact the PHMP for an evaluation.

The letter will typically indicate that if you wish to be considered for VRP enrollment, you must cease practicing as a licensed professional upon receipt of the letter.

The letter will also indicate that if you do not wish to be considered for VRP enrollment, your file will be remanded to the legal division of the Bureau of Professional and Occupational Affairs for appropriate action.

Contact Our Philadelphia Law Firm

It is important that you contact an attorney before filling out your renewal application. At The Law Offices of Brian E. Quinn, we have assisted dentists, nurses, doctors, pharmacists and other health care professionals in the renewal application process. By speaking with our office before you fill out the renewal application, we can advise you of your rights, duties, obligations and options so that you can make an informed decision before submitting the renewal application.

After careful consideration, some health care professionals elect not to participate in the VRP program. We can advise you of your options in that regard.

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