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We Accept Referrals For Professional License Defense Cases

When your client’s professional license is questioned, or a legal case causes conflicts with their livelihood, they need strong defense on their side. We understand how hard they have worked to achieve a license and build a reputation during their career. We take these cases seriously and work to mitigate any damages from a license issue.

At The Law Offices of Brian E. Quinn, we have over 75 years of combined experience helping professionals keep their license. We have extensive expertise in professional license defense and helping clients protect their professional reputation and ability to earn a living.

Comprehensive License Defense Experience

Our team of attorneys can work to settle out of court or litigate a client case involving a number of legal areas. Our experienced attorneys have been focused on license defense cases since 1989 – we understand exactly what your client is facing and how the other side thinks.

We accept referrals for professional license defense cases involving:

  • Criminal allegations or serious charges in a criminal defense case
  • Family law matters involving professional license issues
  • Allegations of substance abuse by the professional
  • Serious accidents or injuries being blamed on the licensed professional
  • Medical malpractice cases requiring suspension of a license

We Handle The Process From Start To Finish

The process of a professional license investigation and subsequent legal battle can feel long and drawn out. With a skilled team of attorneys as your allies, we help avoid common pitfalls and smooth the process forward. Your client should have dedicated legal guidance on their side focused on fighting for their best chance at preserving their livelihood.

Contact our team at 215-545-3338 to discuss your case or to refer a client’s case to our team. We serve Philadelphia and the surrounding area in all matters of professional legal matters and license issues.

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