Criminal Charges And Your Professional License

Licensed professionals, like people from all walks of life, sometimes make mistakes that constitute criminal conduct. Driving under the influence is a common example. Similarly, professionals may find themselves accused of criminal activity where none exists. In any event, any licensee who is involved in any way with the criminal justice system has much to lose and should consult a skilled healthcare lawyer immediately.

Since the summer of 2014, the Department of State, the agency that oversees the healthcare licensing boards, has entered into a contract with the Pennsylvania Justice Network (PJN) to provide records of arrests for all healthcare workers licensed in Pennsylvania. After an arrest or a citation for a summary offense, you should immediately call a skilled healthcare licensing attorney to see what affect the arrest will have on your profession. Even if charges are eventually dismissed, you could face potential action against your healthcare license.

The Philadelphia-based The Law Offices of Brian E. Quinn is a trusted resource for licensed professionals throughout Pennsylvania. Our firm maintains both a criminal defense practice and a professional license defense practice, making us highly qualified to handle both the criminal and the administrative complications a professional faces.

Protecting Your Freedom

Whether you are a nurse, doctor, dentist, pharmacist, accountant, lawyer or another licensed professional, your family and your colleagues depend on your presence in their lives. The threat of a criminal conviction causes great unrest, particularly if the possible penalties include incarceration. For our Philadelphia lawyers, helping clients retain their liberty is of paramount concern. Over the years, we have represented professionals accused of a variety of crimes, including:

In addition to fines, probation and possible jail time, a criminal conviction could also lead to the suspension or the permanent revocation of your professional license. Given these long-term consequences, it is important that you speak to an attorney immediately if you have been accused of a crime.

Protecting Your Reputation

Reputations are fragile things, and criminal accusations can be very harmful to a professional's standing among colleagues and clients. That is why our representation includes, in addition to defense of professionals in court, the protection of the client's reputation and his or her professional license. We handle media inquiries on behalf of our clients. We encourage clients to avoid speaking to investigators without consulting a lawyer first.

We have decades of experience working at the intersection of criminal law and professional licensing. Our team of Pennsylvania attorneys will provide you the practical advice and powerful advocacy you need during this difficult time.

Prompt Action Is Important

Preserving your freedom and your professional standing in the communities you serve is our priority at The Law Offices of Brian E. Quinn. If you would like to speak with an attorney about your situation, contact us today online or call our Philadelphia office toll free at 866-657-7318.