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Division Of Retirement Benefits And Accounts

Although the retirement benefits you earned through your employment are in your name, anything that you accrued while married is your spouse’s benefit as well. This means that when you get a divorce, you will need to split the amount you earned while married with your spouse. When it comes time to navigate that division, you want to be sure that everything is handled properly, and Law Offices of Brian E. Quinn can help.

Why You Need An Attorney For Benefit Division

People commonly think that they get to keep all their retirement benefits after a divorce. Unfortunately, this is not the case. You will need to divide your assets, and determining what amount goes to you or your ex-spouse can be extremely complicated. Even if you have accurately determined the amounts of each account, applying that division is an entirely different matter.

A qualified domestic relations order, or QDRO, is required to divide a retirement benefit. We frequently retain experts to prepare QDROs in order to establish the correct sum to be transferred. Most, if not all, plan providers for your benefits will not divide your benefit without receiving a QDRO from you. Even with a QDRO, there still might be more work that needs to be done from there.

No matter what stage of a QDRO you are in, our Pennsylvania attorneys can help make things easier on you by taking on a lot of the complicated steps on themselves. An experienced lawyer can significantly reduce the length of this process, letting you move forward in your life sooner.

Begin Establishing Your QDRO Today

Whether you are in the beginning stages of a divorce, in the asset division stage, or anything in between, it is never too late to hire an attorney who can help you accurately divide your assets. You can contact our Philadelphia office by calling 866-657-7318. Call today or use the online form to set up an initial consultation with an attorney today.

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